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Associations and Trade Bodies – the third wheel of Indian Economy

Foundation of the industrial relations system in India was laid prior to independence and remains mostly unaltered till date. New issues emerge as the country continues to integrate into the global economy. The Professional and trade associations play a big role in a rapidly emerging economic sector of a developing economy like India. In the rapidly developing economic sector of emerging economies, under present conditions, professional and trade associations are likely to be relatively more effective than the government in developing templates and have powerful impact on members’ behaviours. In addition to direct influences, professional associations influence industry behaviors through longer causal chains and externality mechanisms. For instance, India’s offshoring sector has some successful firms. Externalities unique to the offshoring industry have helped improve industry behavior. It is an accepted axiom that an industry’s success is a function of its ability to realign with and adapt to the changes in major shifts in technology, market and other external factors.

The Professional Associations in India are playing vital role in research, innovation and development of new medicines, methods, products and technologies. They play a key role in sector specific business opportunity, awareness and government Liaoning along with imparting knowledge and trainings to the young scholars and professionals.

What We Offer:

In this ever changing competitive world, Associations too face challenges and issues. We at Lineysha Consulting, intend to identify the major issues that affect the working of trade professional associations and support them for sustainable growth.

Lineysha Consulting helps solve revenue growth problems for our partner associations, whether it’s membership, product, sponsorship, or exhibitor programs. We identify the underlying factors contributing to an organization’s revenue and take that to the next level.

A wide range of consulting services and solutions are offered by us like -

  • Strategic Planning
  • Membership Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Community Outreach
  • Technology Implementation
  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing, Branding and Promotion
  • Operational Strategy
  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Values & Values-Based Planning
  • Association Start-ups
  • Staff Development & Team-Building

We begin with a comprehensive Association Review, which includes:

  • Detailed business analysis, including revenue streams of member companies or sponsors, as applicable
  • Review of the marketing and sales process for sponsorship, membership, or programs, including measurement of sales activity
  • Interviews with association members and key staff for critical insights
  • An examination of business models of competing organizations
  • A comparison of categories, price points, and where possible, income, for dues, products, or sponsorships
  • A review of benefits comparisons and market position for other associations

Whether you are looking to streamline your organization’s day-to-day operations, maximize your organization’s performance or advance your association’s mission, our consultants and senior leadership partner with your association’s management and governance team to employ proven strategies.

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