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Endowment Fund – Discover how Lineysha Helps Indian Institutions to be a Step Ahead!

Using money for good. Our team of Endowment and Fund Raising specialists are focused on research, advice and investment portfolio solutions for creating and building a strong Endowment Fund for your Institution. We can think of no better application of our guidance and skills than helping your organization achieve its mission.

The Preferred Approach

In today’s increasingly complex investment environment, an implemented consulting model is often the preferred approach for endowment and fund raising consultants. Creating and managing non-profit funds requires a deep understanding of the many complex, non-investment variables. Lineysha Consulting partners with you on more than just creating and managing your investment portfolios—we also gain a thorough understanding of the underlying operations of your organization and serve to educate your staff and endowment committee.

Tailored Solutions

Our suite of specialist advice, support and tailored solutions for endowment and non-profit fundraising include –

  • Endowment Modelling
  • Endowment Strategy
  • Investment policy, objectives, risk appetite and time horizons
  • Spending policy, reserving policy and cash management
  • Governance and accountability
  • Tax-exempt investment products
  • Environmental, social and governance ratings and responsible investment advice
  • External investment manager selection and monitoring
  • Strategic asset allocation (SAA)
  • Board education
  • Socially Responsible Australian Shares
  • Socially Responsible Global Shares

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