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What We Do

We solve business problems. We innovate, strategize, transform and help organisations to grow and expand. We provide business and management consulting solutions to clients in Education, Startups, Association and Small & Medium Industries.


We collaborate with our clients to design and execute sustainable growth strategies which are future focused, differentiated and drive innovation.


We bring you the specialized advocacy for transformation, change management, leading strategic planning, process improvement and digital automation.

Unique Solutions

We engage with educators to stretch the boundaries of learning beyond the classrooms. We assist them to establish a revolutionary learning outside the classroom ecosystem.

Get Better Results by Engaging with Us

We focus on outcome based consultancy. We don't just deliver the services, but rather results. Our clients continue to rely on us because of our commitment to growth and sustainability.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

We support our client with a robust and long term business strategy for driving their organisational goals and day to day operations effectively and efficiently.



We provide solutions for turning your business from volatile state into that of sustainable growth . Our solutions are forward-looking and leverage technology.

Working Towards Your Business Goals

We understand our client’s unique needs; and design solutions customized to their business goals. We don’t use a standard set of solutions to solve the unique issues that our clients face.

The use of industry knowledge and best practices is only the first piece of many to create a success plan that takes into account every client specific strengths, needs, and opportunities.

We are more than just a solution provider; we are a partner in your business goal. As we work through each step of the problem, our clients are included at all levels. We work as hands-on as needed to drive to the desired end state.

Establish an Ecosystem for Learning Outside the Classrooms

Majority of learning of a student happens outside the classroom while most of the educators are busy working on the inside classroom learning solutions. In today’s digital world, solutions and opportunities beyond classrooms are the benchmark of a real good education.

We engage with educators to stretch the boundaries of learning beyond the classrooms. We assist them to establish a revolutionary learning outside the classroom ecosystem.





We Provide Unique Solutions, Which No One Else

In addition to the strategic and sustainable business solutions, Lineysha Consulting provides some unique and specific solutions to the educational institutions.

Solutions such as – Learning Outside Classrooms Ecosystem, Campus Transformation; and Business Processes and Systems are our USP and core strength. We strive to transform education and learning as never before.

We Have a Professional Team and Network of World Class Consultants

At Lineysha Consulting, our purpose is to build trust and credibility across the industries and solve important problems.

We are a network of passionate, energetic and result driven consultants having expertise in specific and multiple domains. Our clients repose a great trust and belief in our abilities. Explore more about our team here.





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